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The deal is done; the deed to the house near Duskwither is now ours. Well, technically it's Lohendrin's, but in spirit belongs to all three of us. The next step will be to begin the renovations; I plan to go out to the property to do some drawings and take measurements so that I can begin some planning. Lohen says I get this starry look in my eyes when I talk about such things; I don't quite know what he means, but I AM excited about this! I have IDEAS, and not of the Kaja'cola variety.

The whole process was, for the most part, as smooth as I had told Lohen it would be; I think he was remembering his grandfather's ways-- which were, apparently, VERY strict-- and maybe even seeing Court before the Scourge invasion. "Court" is no more than a glimmer of what it had once been; mind you, I was never a part up close, but I saw from a distance on occasion when Mother would try to parade us (rather, parade Malinde and Leania, I followed along as "the clever one"; but I digress). I told him to let me handle business and talking and such; he just had to stand there and look pretty Serious. We had his aunt's diaries, some papers, and a signet ring of House Scarletsky to prove his bloodline. There was some initial hesitation, which I found out was mostly because the House had been presumed to be among the now-defunct ones-- those with no surviving members and no record of inheritance or wills. As such, a goodly amount of Scarletsky's assets had already been divided and distributed where "appropriate" (read: among those who happened to please those in power).

It was fortunate that the house and property near Duskwither were as yet unclaimed; perhaps it was the location-- most city-bred folk, especially those who would try for such assets, would not want to live not only outside city walls but in a place potentially near Undesirable Creatures. Perhaps it was the state of disrepair into which the buildings had fallen, or seemed to have fallen; Lohendrin's inspections concluded that they looked worse than they were, and with some structural enhancement, cleaning, and fresh paint things will be much better. But I digress again! The property was still unclaimed, the deed still belonging to House Scarletsky in the Records Office.

I made it clear that the heir to House Scarletsky was really only interested in that particular property and that as such it was his birthright; though he was illegitimate issue, he was still acknowledged as part of the bloodline by the now-deceased patriarch. I knew there was still some hesitation, which was when I played the "War Hero" card. Lohendrin, though young, is indeed a legitimate war hero of the Horde, as well as the Sin'dorei, with his actions at the front lines of the battles of Northrend and lately, the Molten Front. He would, as Lord Scarletsky, reflect well upon Quel'thalas and the Sin'dorei (and by extension, themselves-- even the ones who don't set foot outside of the City).

I'm quite proud of Lohendrin for keeping himself from wincing or reacting in other similar ways when I did the "Lord Scarletsky" thing. I did manage to soften that particular blow later, in private, by pointing out that in accepting the title of Lord Scarletsky he was getting a little bit of revenge against his grandfather for how the man treated his (Loh's) mother and aunt. The aunt was actually his great-aunt, the sister of his grandfather; after reading her journals, with Lohen's permission, I am quite glad to get a nice bit of revenge against that horrid old man. What a miserable-behaving person he was. I would have liked to have met Lohendrin's aunt, though; she'd had hopes for his becoming a mage, but perhaps she would have found it acceptable that he fell in love with a mage instead, despite not pursuing that path himself.

I keep going on tangents. I suppose it's too much to hope for that I keep on topic, but still. In summary: I put on my Magistrix Pants, we went to the Magistry, claimed Lohendrin's birthright as Lord Scarletsky, promised all we really wanted was the property and its contents near Duskwither and that all other assets of House Scarletsky could be ceded to the government. Surprisingly, there was also apparently a safe-deposit box in the House's name with the Magistry. We haven't looked at it yet, but we possess the mundane and arcane keys to unlock it. I felt it best to not overwhelm poor Loh too much right away. We agreed that Lohendrin would appear at the occasional Court function for formality's sake.

And like that, paperwork was signed, exchanged hands, and Lohendrin became both a homeowner and nobility. The former he likes, the latter makes him grimace. He's still Lohendrin Neverdusk, he'll only assume the mantle of Lord Scarletsky on those few occasions where he is expected to be present. But I promised him I would be there to help him out when needed, and that we wouldn't lord it about. Terrible pun completely intended.

I can't wait to write to my mother about this, because I know Malinde reads over her shoulder.
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Interesting development on the house-buying front!

For starters, we found a house that we like. It's a decent size, really; it works for the three of us, plus a little extra room even with our various crafting workspaces set up and whatnot. It's located in northeastern Quel'thalas, a bit past Duskwither, with a nice view of the sea. Beyond where any remnant mana beasties might go. The house seemed to have been abandoned, and even after all this time has not been reclaimed. While the wilderness hasn't reclaimed it either, it is in a bit of disrepair. Nothing that can't be fixed and improved upon without losing the 'feel' of the house itself! There is even a small spire for a possible nighttime observatory; I think the three of us would like that as well. There is only one outside building, but we can build another to house the mechanical mounts.

As such, I handled the matter of inquiring about this house, because it may be one of the few areas in which I actually use that Magistrix rank I earned. I hate politics, and while there was some involved in getting to that rank, it increased exponentially upon actually HAVING I pulled back. Not too many feathers were ruffled by that move, admittedly; I was gaining a reputation for being fairly direct about how I felt about matters (and people), and that had the potential to not only step on toes but reveal things some might prefer remain hidden, especially where expenses were concerned. Eliminating me was not a desirable option because like it or not, the Sunspark family has contributed generously to Magistry coffers on occasion because of its dear middle daughter. In the end, it was sort of a mutual agreement that I be more of a 'field Magistrix'. I would reflect well upon them when about in other Horde places and even in combat, and in return I would be able to occasionally call upon some of the privileges of that the possible acquisition of abandoned properties for personal and/or professional use.

It's so odd to write all that out. I know it, but it just seems best to write out should future generations see this.

So, I made in inquiry into the property near Duskwither...and received quite an interesting surprise. The house and its surrounding property-- many acres square-- apparently belongs to House Scarletsky of Silvermoon. This is a house that is nearly defunct; all but two of its bloodline is deceased following the Scourge invasion. The remaining two, only one of whom was ever formally acknowledged by the now-deceased patriarch? Lohendrin Neverdusk and Marbas Blackspark. Lohen's the one who was acknowledged because he was actually raised by his aunt, who was a scion of that House. So this house we found actually does belong to Lohen. Funny how things work out.

We still have to go through the requisite paperwork, of course; Lohendrin has never tried to claim anything of his birthright, for personal reasons, and Marbas' existence was never acknowledged (or possibly known by any but Lohen's aunt and biological parents). He has suffcient evidence and identification of himself as the remaining heir of House Scarletsky; I told him that it won't have to involve politicking on his part, that he could be like the several 'inactive' nobility, and his excuse is actually reasonable. He helps on the battlefield, and has numerous accomplishments to his name in regard to such; rather than some of the nobles who simply hide behind closed doors in lives of pitiful indolence and indulgence. His presence is only necessary tomorrow because it is technically his holding, now, even if I'm handling the paperwork and any red tape.

He gets to see me in Magistrix Mode, oh boy. Hopefully by this time tomorrow evening the deed to the house and surrounding property will be in our hands. Hurrah!
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Lohen's sleeping really soundly, and I cuddled up next to him a bit but he didn't wake-- I was just cuddling to cuddle, anyway!-- so I decided to scribble a few things down. I think he got up for a bit last night but I don't precisely remember; I just sort of dimly registered it then went back to sleep.

I'm still a complete novice when it comes to this relationship stuff. Lohendrin's my first relationship ever, and while I like to think I'm an intelligent, rational elf, it's still a new area to me and he does throw me off balance, but in a good way. He came out of a very bad situation, I know, and I also know he hadn't been expecting-- or wanting-- to get into a relationship even several months later. I can understand. I mean, if you devote a block of time-- a year and a half? two? I don't know-- to someone, even if they're a bad person that's still a part of your time given to them and from what I understand, it takes time to get past that. At least, for most reasonable people, and Lohendrin is a normal, reasonable person. But things happened as they happened with us, and I tried to not make him feel pressured or whatever-- I'd even tried to give him an easy way of turning me down if he wasn't interested, without worrying about hurting my feelings. (Not like it would have been the first time I was turned down by someone.)

But no, he was interested too, just snowballed from there. I, against all sense of reason that I otherwise prize, fell in love. At first I was afraid that maybe I was just too enthusiastic about the first fellow who seemed to be genuinely interested in me as a person, and who himself was a genuinely good person too, but I came to realize that it was really more than that. I don't want to think too far into the future, because it's entirely possible we won't be together even a year from now, much less many; I'm not going to make silly declarations about his being my soulmate or any such nonsense, because I think that generally just ends poorly.

I love him, and I don't want to share every aspect of my life or my being with him. We're still two separate individuals. Some interests overlap, like books, and others supplement each other-- not that he needs it, but if he wanted he could sift through some of the ore I collect for uncut stones and such, for instance-- but we are still two different people. And I love that too. We don't complete each other; we complement each other. Even in looking for a new place to live for the three of us (me, Lohen, and Marbas), we'll have our separate spaces. And I like that. I don't want Lohen to depend on me for anything, and I don't want to depend on him.

So I don't plan ahead too much-- not beyond the basic concrete matters of life such as living space and battle situations and so forth. Other matters are one day at a time, and I'm happy.

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*There is just a smiley face on the page.*
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That bastard won't be plaguing my Lohendrin anymore.
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The sight of Lohendrin beside her was something to which Alinor was becoming quite happily accustomed, upon waking. Those times she woke before him she would lay there quiet and unmoving-- or moving only slightly so that she could look at him-- and just watched him sleep. He did not believe so, but she found him beautiful; part of that was because she knew him now, but she simply loved to look at him. She still marveled at all of this, all that they had together in a relatively short period of time. It had been only a bit over a month now. Though Alinor knew some others would be much further along in their own relationships-- some married even-- to her this was still very early.

He looked peaceful when sleeping. The way he sometimes slightly coccooned himself in the blanket when asleep, or the way sometimes his hand rested right by his face. That steady, shallow rise and fall of his chest. Her hand twitched with the urge to reach out and touch his face or his hair but she held back. She didn't want to disturb him. Instead, she slowly slid out of bed, keeping an eye on Lohen to make sure he didn't wake. On bare feet she padded silently out of the room, careful of her surroundings as not to inadvertantly bump into anything or trip over her own feet and cause a commotion that would wake him.

Once out of the bedroom she yawned and stretched, the hem of her pale yellow nightgown drawing up just past the knees with the motion. One hand absently scratched her rear end as she looked around, trying to decide what to do. The notion of breakfast dimly entered her mind. Breakfast would be nice; Alinor tried to do such things regularly for both men who lived here, as part of her still felt slightly guilty for imposing on them like this. Despite their protestation otherwise, and the circumstances which had brought her here for such a stay, she still felt like she was intruding a bit. It was their home, after all--

Something at the door caught her eye: a piece of folded paper slid beneath it. A note perhaps? Some manner of notice from the landlord? (Perhaps about the baby corehound?) The mage frowned slightly, walking over then stooping to pick the note up, unfolding it as she straightened. It was written in an unfamiliar hand, but the words were a bucket of ice cold water thrown in her face.

You never told me you had a brother. Now I know. Might want to get your locks changed again.

The note was unsigned but she knew-- as would the others-- who had written it. Her heart sunk to her stomach and she looked back at the door to Lohendrin's bedroom, then the one to Marbas'. Now she had to decide whether she wanted to wake Lohen with this 'news' or at least let him enjoy breakfast before ruining his day completely. The note was unconsciously crumped in her hand, held to her chest, as she began to fret for him.
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Lohendrin said, "I know that look in your eyes. You're thinking of science."

Just because, in discussing a potential new place to live, I mentioned us needing a place to house our mechanical vehicles plus room in said place for me to tinker with them...

Not like thinking of science is a BAD thing!
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I've been going to the Firelands to help the general war effort there. I'm not on the front lines like Lohen and his guild, but they need help otherwise. Someone to help fight the swarm, help others who fall, etcetera. I'm a good support fighter. Not a shining hero but background support. I've grown to accept that fact, that I'll never get a parade or be hailed as a hero for anything. And I don't go into battle expecting it anyhow; it's one of those things that'd be nice but when all's said and done, I want to help because I want to help. I like knowing I helped things even a little for the greater good. And I don't really think I like the direction the Horde's going so I like helping neutral factions.

In which Our Heroine becomes a hottie. Literally. )
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Why why WHY do I let her get under my skin like that. I grew up with her, I should know better. I know her, I started calling her "Mal" not because her name is Malinde but because she is malicious. But she somehow knows the exact thing to say to get to me, and she knows how to say it in the most perfectly defensible ways. She says it and Leania calls her on it but she pretends to have been only 'concerned'. At least she doesn't pretend to be concerned as a sister, just for the family name.

I still have a hard time ignoring what she says, and I usually fail at that. What might have been a nice dinner with my family was ended too soon because I couldn't handle it. Especially when I happened to see Lohendrin giving her a slight smile. Now I know what that was about, but at the time it hit the wrong note and just…I almost lost it.

I did lose it when we got home-- my home, anyhow. I didn't want Lohen to see me like that. I hate crying, and I especially hate crying in front of others; it was even worse in front of him, because he has a lot worse to worry about. He went through worse. I didn't really have the right to cry about just some words, but I couldn't help it.

I know I should be grateful that it was sheer dumb luck that put my family out at Sunstrider Isle when the Scourge attacked; I know I'm lucky to still have a family, when some have lost all they held dear. Lohen only has Marbas, and he's only known his twin for a short period of time. They don't really know where their father is. Other people lost everyone, but by the Sunwell, I wish my older sister did not exist, period. And I feel terrible for wishing that. But I do.

At least he was comforting.
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So there's this gnome who lives in Dalaran, who approached me with a commission request. Apparently he had been referred to me by the Engineering shop there; not a surprise, as I work with them often, but the nature of this gnome's request was a little bit…peculiar. It involved many sprung whirlygigs. Now, I've worked with whirlygigs before, of course. I've rewound them and repurposed them and whatever. I generally found them when salvaging mechanical gnomes in Northrend, generally those around Mimiron's Library.

However, this is the first time I think I've ever had someone ask for a piece of clothing made from whirlygigs. How does one even MAKE that? I can sew, but I'm no tailor, at least not one with skills like, say, Marbas. My skills are more in the area of repairing basic tears, replacing buttons, things like that. But Marbas at least let me browse his patterns and make a few sketches of my own, and was nice enough to not ask which ones I sketched. Odds are I wouldn't have heard the end of it.

Now, I don't judge people for odd requests that clearly aren't for the purpose of hurting others. (I don't always judge when it comes to ones meant to cause harm, either, it just tends to depend.) Live and let live, people have their oddities, what consenting adults of any race do behind closed doors is their own business. And this gnome was paying some seriously good gold.

However, I really, really wonder what the deal is with having a sprung whirlygig fetish. To the point of commissioning something that was not only an outfit-- based on female undergarments, mind you, for this male gnome and in his own measurements-- crafted of those, but a fully-functioning, erm, autoerotic stimulation device. And for a special one-of-a-kind commission this required asking some very personal questions. I'm pretty sure my face was bright pink, but Sir Whirlygig was cool as a frozen orb the entire time. I think I have a strange sort of admiration for him for that.

Now, I've made devices like that before. I've never tested them, but I've made them. (Though I must confess; I had never before been that tempted to test any of them, until I started tending to Lohendrin when he was shirtless and wearing tight pants. Oh, my goodness. My goodness. I've resisted, but…my goodness.) There's a store in Dalaran and a couple in Silvermoon City dedicated to selling such things, among other 'intimacy enhancement wares'. From what I understand there's another in Orgrimmar, though I think I'm happy keeping my business limited to Dalaran and Silvermoon. I think there used to be one in Shattrath City but I'm fairly sure it was closed at Aldor request. They're actually pretty interesting to make, and I can usually work with any suggestion offered. I think I may be losing out a touch on not being as…intimate with my knowledge of such devices and their purposes, but I do well enough that I earn a nice bit of gold for myself. Especially from people like Sir Whirlygig.

I must also confess, dear journal, that I did make one device of which I kept one for myself. And that part of me would kind of like to try out someday: a set of restraints, for wrist or ankle, designed to occasionally administer an arcane shock at varying intensity, determined by the one with the control, at the press of a button. They're powered by enchanted gemstones, like batteries. I find them terribly intriguing. And, of course, they're carefully hidden.

Someday, I hope…

*Scribbled at the bottom of the page* I am so silly, I'm now bright pink after writing this, and it's just for my own reading! Bah!
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It's been a few days since I wrote my thoughts down! Those few days have been very nice. I spent a day with Lohendrin at his home; we didn't really do much beyond our own projects, his with his jewelcrafting and I had brought a couple of my own smaller projects with me to tinker on a spare table there. It was really nice. We didn't talk much, just enjoyed each other's presence while doing our own thing. Didn't need to talk; I don't know exactly how he was feeling, but for me it was enough to just know he was there nearby. Comfortable silence, one would call it. Sometimes I'd look over at him while he was bent over his desk with his jewelcrafter glasses-- I love how he looks in those! But I love how he looks in anything, except maybe bloodied bandages and bruises-- and I could feel myself smiling a little.

I also now know Lohen is very ticklish. Heheh.

Anyway, yes. We spend a lot of time together, but most of the time I do go home at night. We like our time apart as well, right now. And I don't want to intrude on Lohen and Marbas having their own brotherly bonding time, because I do know they're still getting to know each other better. I'm glad Marbas seems to like me, though; family approval is a bit important. To a point. I know Leania will like Lohendrin, there's no question there. I think Father will. And I'm mostly unconcerned about Mother, and I certainly don't care about Malinde beyond being prepared for her to try and charm him.

HAHA. Like it'd work. I wouldn't be with Lohen if I didn't trust him.

That's kind of a weird and scary thought, though. I trust him, but it's like...crossing a dubious bridge over a deep chasm. You aren't entirely sure if the bridge will hold, and you haven't seen what's on the other side so you're moving blindly into the future, and you don't know what's at the bottom if the bridge breaks. Rocks, or crocolisks, or deep water. But you cross it because you want to see what's on the other side, and you want to go forward despite being scared because the risk is worth it.

Lohen's worth it, and I like to believe he thinks I am.

Today he's gone, Skruffy issued a call to arms for his guild. They're going to the Firelands...the Cenarion Circle (I assume it's them) are pushing forward in an assault on Ragnaros' domain. I knew worrying would be a natural part of becoming involved with him, but I worry for him. I'm going to distract myself with Mim, because Lohen left the keys for me. Marbas is probably coming along for a spin in Mim, told him I can do tricks with it that Lohen can't. Heh. But still, there's that worry that he won't come home.

I know he's a good medic. He's a talented healer, and from what I understand his particular regiment is very capable. So, I'm going to trust that he'll keep his promise to return.
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So, what I wrote before was pretty much negated. At least, part of it. This time Lohen did deliberately say "I love you," without it being indirect or hurried on his way out or some such. And I said it back.

I am still fretting, though, because while on one hand I know I mean it, on the other I'm worried that doing so somehow jinxed everything, and the next time he goes into combat with his guild will be his last. Or that I don't know what romantic love is and am mistaken, even if logically I know that is a silly notion on my part. I don't know!

I sometimes think my natural state of being is fretting. Oh well. I regret nothing!
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Lohen said those "three little words" tonight, just easily slipped them into conversation; he said them before closing his own Tome because his guild needed his presence tonight for another combat assignment. Almost casual, like one might say to one's longtime spouse or some such-- "No time to talk, I love you, I'll see you later."

Naturally, being the sort I am, I started to think about it, and think, and think. Lohendrin and I really haven't known each other that long; maybe few weeks, even if we've had many conversations and have been around each other a lot when duties don't call us elsewhere. That's still a short period of time, even if some folks out there declare love within hours of meeting someone. People are different, though, and I'm still very new to this. I don't know how I feel exactly. I don't know if he's hurt that I haven't said it back-- I hope not! I don't think he is, because he said I'm worth waiting for, so maybe he's fine with giving me more time to think.

I've never been in love before, and I tend to overanalyze things. I don't know how one knows for certain one is in love, because sometimes even a rational mind can't entirely tell what's real and what's overly-romanticized in fiction. There's no feeling of earth moving beneath my feet (apart from things a shaman would tend to), there's no painful yearning, none of that sort of thing (that seems like nonsense anyhow). But I do like being around him more than being alone, and for me that's really quite peculiar. I still look forward to his words in the Book every day. I like cooking for him, and rubbing healing stuff on his bruises (as they aren't bad enough, really, to warrant use of Holy energy to heal).

I think the best option right now is to wait and see how things progress. How I feel as time goes on. He said he's willing to wait for me, so I do hope that includes saying those words, not just waiting for the right time to decide we want to go to bed together. (Not at that point, either. Not that I haven't thought about it, especially with the aforementioned tending of his bruises.)

I'm not really a patient sort, but I think I have to make myself be patient here instead of jumping in with both feet. He's worth it, too. Besides, I want Calleo to lose money on his bet, whatever it is. Heh heh.
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Sometimes I think I'm a little jealous of Lohendrin. One wouldn't necessarily know it if one just met him-- because of his usual demeanor and such-- but he's seen a lot of combat. More than I have, and many more of the most recent threats. Though he has seen much more, period...he has the things to prove it. Trinkets and armor and things like Mim. Part of me wants to be there too, to see all of that, to feel I made a difference.

But I know not everyone can be at the front; who would be in the back, then, helping make sure those at the front could do their job? Would those who finally helped Fordring bring down the Lich King have been able to do so without the help of support troops who cleared out a lot of Icecrown Citadel, who were there with supplies and to battle any reinforcements that might have been called in? I know Lohen understands that too-- even if he's at the front, in his particular regiment he provides support. He's a healer, a medic; he makes sure others have the means to battle their enemies.

Every role is important, even down to the peons who help build towers, but sometimes...sometimes I wish I knew what it was like to be lauded as a hero. To have just a moment in the sun. But that's okay. As I said, not everyone can be at the front, and I'm practical enough to understand that those at the front wouldn't be there if not for the work of those at the back. Even those of us who tend to be seen as cannon fodder at times-- people like me who deal damage but are unable to do things like heal beyond basic bandaging, things like that-- have our part.

Maybe that's why I'm so devoted to my pursuit of Engineering, especially in my studies and experiments in regard to combining my engineering with my magecraft. Being a 'technomage' as some call it. I know it's not an area in which extensive research has been done, and maybe I want to feel a little special sometimes.

I couldn't tell Lohen any of this, though; I don't want him to feel bad because he thinks his stories of combat make me feel bad, when they don't. I love listening to them, even though I will admit what I really love listening to is just him. I like the far-off look in his eyes when he's telling me these tales; I like the little smile he gets when he speaks of Skruffy and Ruckus, the genuine fondness and respect when he speaks of working alongside Dura. The pride in his voice when he speaks of their victory in battle. I can tell they make him happy. I hope, when he speaks of me to them, they see a similar happiness in his demeanor. I want to believe I help make him happy, he deserves it.
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((OOC note: This is technically posted the morning after the event, and is timestamped accordingly. But I already had it written, so I decided to post.))

Lohendrin invited me over for dinner last night; he seemed to feel he owed me a dinner, when he really didn't, but I wasn't going to argue. Good food not prepared by me? Yes please! He also said he'd wear The Pants. (To be fair, he said they're comfortable pants-- I didn't want him to wear them only for my benefit, but as long as he likes them, yes please to those too.) He had a very nice dinner whipped up, too. Not to mention before that he let me take a look around their workroom.

I didn't disturb Marbas' things; not only for common sense reasons-- one doesn't disturb a warlock's work area without knowing if there are certain 'precautions' taken to protect said work-- but just for courtesy. I like Marbas, I don't want to disturb his things without his permission. But I got to look a bit at where Lohen does his gemcutting and even his alchemy; potions and elixirs and flasks, oh my! A bit fascinating, that. But supper was waiting, so the inspection had to be cut short.

But wait, there's more! )

In the end, it was a very good night despite the interruption, and Loh has a surprisingly comfortable lap. He needs more furniture, though. At least a couch.
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I had my date with Lohendrin-- well, I say 'date' but it was more like 'invited him over for dinner I prepared, in an awkwardly-cleared part of my workshop'. But he came over, looking more handsome than he has a right to (oh, those leather pants he wore...!), and brought me flowers. I am not one given to girlish squee-ing, and I did not squee girlishly, but I had perhaps a similar internal reaction. Something akin to, "He brought me flowers! I LOVE FLOWERS! EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NEVER LOVED THEM BEFORE NOW."

Really, part of me is sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Seriously. He's a good-natured, handsome, fairly intelligent fellow who seems to find me interesting and cute and all that. Surely that means sometime within the next week I'll be approached by some lady with five kids in tow saying he's actually her husband. Or I'll return home and get a hammer to the face from his ex. Something. I am happy, there is something wrong with the world and balance must be restored somehow.

Oh well. That kiss was worth it.

Anyhow, speaking of home, I've relocated back to Silvermoon City. Figured it might be prudent to move some things out of my place in Dalaran before I found myself completely unable to leave (or return), period. Or before I found myself infected with that weird plague going around. Not that the cities are without it, but the quarantine areas seem to mainly be Dalaran-oriented for the sake of being studied. Or some such. I haven't caught it, nor has Lohen. Nor his twin.

I may actually finish moving my things here; I have slightly less space, but I could probably stand to get rid of some things, and do I really need a separate sitting area? The rent is a bit less expensive in SMC, believe it or not. The City of Mages is a bit spendy, even if I'm paying for some minor dimensional overlay. And the fact that Loh and Marbas live in Silvermoon is not at all a factor. Okay, maybe a tiny one. But it's not like I can't automatically travel between the two cities if I wanted to; being a mage has its advantages. Still, I think I may resettle in my home city. People say mean things about it, but when all's said and done, the bad really does seem to be just focused in a few areas; overall it's still a beautiful place, even if it'd be nice to see the ruins reclaimed, or just destroyed altogether to allow the woods to take over. They could probably put the stones and metal to good use. Perhaps pave over some of the Dead Scar. Fortify the remaining part of Silvermoon City. Something like that.

Something to consider, anyway. I myself am just still in a really good mood.


Jun. 13th, 2011 04:27 pm
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I am so terribly nervous right now! I'm trying not to mess up dinner preparations-- I decided on something with which I'm familiar, which is marinated dragonhawk filets. Plus a salad with lettuce, sliced almond, cranberries, and a vinaigrette dressing, and some rice that will go well with the dragonhawk marinade, and buttered carrots, and roasted potatoes. For dessert, strawberries and sweet cream.

So far everything is looking to be in order, but I'm fairly convinced something will happen to completely mess it all up, and I will be terribly embarrassed! I also got out my favorite dress to wear. A fellow mage made one for me once in exchange for a pet yeti-bot, and I must say it's one of the few dresses I've found that I absolutely love on me! She called it an 'arcanoweave robe', and it has a lovely turquoise pattern, plus the high neck with sleevelessness suits my haircut. I will be goggle-free, too-- I don't think he's actually seen me without goggles. I think I look better in them, but they might look slightly odd. Perhaps I should get some spectacles or something sometime. I feel weird without something over my eyes. I still don't know if the freckles are a good trait or a bad trait.

Look at me. Fretting like an adolescent! I must stop this and be a reasonable adult! Even if there are butterflies in my stomach! I do hope I can eat without getting sick.
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Yes, 'squidginess' is a word, as is 'squidgy,' from which it is derived. Look it up. It's in the dictionary. You just have to locate that dictionary first.

Anyhow, I'm not really a sentimental sort. I'm not too inclined toward great displays of affection, or gushing over anyone. I've never been as 'huggy' as, say, Lea. I don't swoon over romantic novels or tales of Love Neverending, nor do I believe in love at first sight. (I call that 'lust at first sight', or at least 'attraction at first sight'.) How can an individual truly love someone just by looking at them, without knowing them? What does that mean for those of us who are utterly unremarkable at first sight? It just seems...odd to me. I couldn't imagine putting that much emotional investment into someone with whom I haven't even spent a few hours.

Truthfully, I'd pretty much shrugged and 'resigned' myself (I say 'resigned', but really, I hadn't wanted that sort of regard since I was an adolescent anyhow) to not being someone who'd be romantically inclined. I've always been overshadowed by my sisters; Malinde, on the surface, is an absolutely devastating beauty. Even those who can't stand her will say that. Leania, while not as beautiful, is still lovely and is a sweetheart as well. I know her dimples have set many hearts a-fluttering. Then we have the middle child: Alinor the plain. It's okay, I'm used to it; I'm not ugly-- though on occasion I've been called that in comparison to the others-- just completely unremarkable. I will say it at least gave me a slight bit more freedom to pursue my interests, as Mother wasn't nearly as focused on finding me a husband. I've loved tinkering ever since I was a girl and I took apart my father's favorite clock.

(I DID put it back together, it just somehow ended up running backward; but my father, who has always been rather indulgent toward me, said that just meant he was now getting younger. Let me tell you, that concept baffled me for quite some time as a youngling.)

So, where was I? Oh yes. Talking about how I was fine with not finding romance. Enter Lohendrin, stage right. This is where it gets wordy. )
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I've decided to start writing in a personal journal in addition to that most peculiar Tome I have; said Book seems to be a sort of enchanted communication device that allows one to write shortish comments and musings for any to see as one wishes. You simply have to have that individual's name on a particular page-- I call this the Contacts Page, because I am a creative genius with names-- and if you wish to no longer see what they write, you scratch out their name. It's a bit of a marvel in its way. Not only for its nature, but also for the fact that it very much seems to be a neutral setting: I see humans and kal'dorei and whatnot as much as I see sin'dorei and orcs and so forth. I assume there is an automatic translation enchantment from Common, as I understand them perfectly and my knowledge of Common is sketchy at best.

Continued musings of the day. Or hour. Or minute. )

So, there's more to say but that will be in probably the next entry. I need to get a bite to eat before I continue writing, I think.

((Little OOC note: I know there is no apostrophe in "kaldorei" proper, but with the differences between Thalassian and Darnassian, I would imagine someone who was raised speaking Thalassian would say "kal'dorei" like they say "sin'dorei", since the basis of the names seem to be the same: "children of ____". This may or may not be right, I know, but it seems logical to me. :) ))
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((This was something I had written a while back for Alinor's previous incarnation, but it's still true to the new. Just a small personal story showing a bit of her family dynamic.))

Be Yourself. )
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