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Birthdate:Mar 22
This is an in-character journal for various World of Warcraft characters I play, on Wyrmrest Accord, Thorium Brotherhood, and Moon Guard. As of 7/22/11 it's featured Lucrezia Goldenstar (Lucrezia on WrA), Alinor Sunspark (Alinor on WrA), and Jaylie Moonblossom (Jaylie on ThoBro). More may come at some point, we'll see. :)

The journal entries here are private, and as such are not available to others in-character unless shared. Metagaming makes Baby Thrall cry.

I am also in the Wyrmrest/MG/Etc IC Twitter Project thingy, as @Belfwithaboom, @LGFury, and @Miss_Jaylie.

NOTE: The previous RP journal I had was [info]belfwithaboom; while Jaylie's entries are still in tune with who the character is now, mostly, the others are obsolete for varying reasons. Alinor's story as a character on ThoBro came to a happy conclusion of domesticity, really. Xandari was racechanged to the dwarf Raighne (though she's been reborn as a toon I'm levelling on WrA now). I'll try to bring some Jaylie entries over, we'll see!

My OOC journal can be found at [info]alchematrix.
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