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In which I think in type about writing for Lucrezia. )

I hope this made sense, as it was semi-stream-of-consciousness. But just wanted to think 'out loud' (or in type, as the case may be) about things.
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Because OOC, I'm still giggling a little so I had to share the log OOCly, from the IC Twitter Project. "lownoon" is Lazirus Lownoon, played by [ profile] vorrick, and "LGFury" is my own Lucrezia Goldenstar. She had told him she was repairing her armor, and that she's a blacksmith who can repair her own plate armor. (In-game mechanics be damned, my blacksmith is not taking the chestplate she made herself to a vendor, especially if it's a cloth armor vendor, to repair! >:| Hmph!).

Lazirus tells a joke. )
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I am giggling nonstop at messages from [ profile] vorrick as Lazirus Lownoon. Especially when he makes a joke followed by "ha ha this is a joke". He's making even the rather dour Lucrezia smile a little.
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Today Lohendrin and I did the cross-realm group thing for a random. A couple of screenshots ensued. :)

Whee! )

Heehee. Fun times. :)
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On my new computer, anyway, right now. And was waiting for servers to come up because I also didn't have City of Heroes installed.

Behold, a masterpiece made in MS Paint.

Now the servers are back up. Hurrah!
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Last night I dreamt that I was getting together with a few people from here/Twitter-- the only ones I actually remember namewise were [ profile] aliceinazeroth, [ profile] alaias_stories, and [ profile] lohendrin-- IRL and we were forming the real life Gilneas Knitting Circle and Tea-rrorist Society. We weren't the only ones, but as I said, I only remember those names, and the faces with the names in my dream weren't really defined as I obviously don't know what those lovely ladies look like!

But we were having a get-together at my home, and I was fretting about there being enough seating and enough mini-sandwiches for everyone. Chris had absented himself for this, saying he'd found a new route to take when walking to the library that went through the "Ottawa Animal Preserve" (which does not exist in reality, btw), so he was going to go look at the bison to see if there was a white one.

I don't remember many details of what the group plotted, other than discussing yarn-bombing Ottawa and Gilneas (which apparently was just outside Ottawa in my dream), and that the phrase "Knits or GTFO" kept coming up. I think that'd make a pretty awesome t-shirt, or at least userpic...
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Because I want to be one of the cool kids. :D


Thomas Dolby, "She Blinded Me With Science" - A bit silly, perhaps, but this has long been a song that's put in mind of Alinor. :D

David Bowie, "As the World Falls Down (from Labyrinth) - This has long been one of my favorite songs anyway, but it kind of makes me think of Alinor and Lohendrin, especially when she thinks of what she knows of his last relationship. She wants to make him happy after that, so it's kind of sweet and sad.

The Mamas and the Papas, "Dedicated to the One I Love" - When Lohen's away for battle and she worries for him, and misses him. She's a little neurotic, with it being her first relationship.

David Holsinger (composer), "To Tame the Perilous Skies" - This is actually a song I played in band class in high school (though the link is the Air Force Band performing it). Alinor has loved flying ever since she was first able to do so, and especially after she built her first flying machine. I always loved doing flying quests on her, whether bombing or rescuing or whatever, because I knew my character felt a particular exhilaration when up in the sky. Apart from the obvious "Ride of the Valkyries" when in her copter (heh), this song is for Al in flight, whether soaring high in the sky above it all, as the quiet beginning might suggest, or dodging cannon blasts and other enemy fire in the faster, more 'driving' parts, especially at 9:51 (I remember that subsection being titled "Snarley" on the sheet music). The slightly dissonant trumpets at 9:54 and such make me think of the felfire cannon blasts barely missing someone in the air.

I'm amused by my longest description for Alinor being in relation to a song I played in band class, rather than the delightful RP with Lohendrin… *L* But I suppose for those songs, the lyrics help tell the tale, versus something more instrumental.


Poe, "Control" (suggested by [ profile] lohendrin). Just look up the lyrics, listen to the song. This is Lucy.

Emmylou Harris, "Deeper Well" - This has been one of my favorite songs ever since I heard her perform it at Lilith Fair in 1997, and Lucy isn't the first character for whom it works; but she's my only WoW character it fits, really. The feeling of determination and desperation, looking for something, and that someday when she finds it, it'll more than likely be a sort of pyrrhic victory for her.

Bjork, "Army of Me" - Lucy's general attitude in dealing with most people. Also, like the previous, it has a good overall beat for a determined warrior.

Enigma, "I Love You, I'll Kill You" - This definitely fits her marriage, and perhaps could be said to be more of her husband's song than hers. His rather obsessive, controlling mindset, his inner demons, etcetera. And the song's overall sound/feel fits the mental image I have of his eyes in the dark.

Duran Duran, "Come Undone" - It makes me think of her and her relationship with her brother, and the way she wants to/will open up to him about everything in the near future.


Emiliana Torrini, "Wednesday's Child" - Fitting right now, because she's feeling very lonely as yet someone else is gone from her life and she still doesn't understand why.

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, "Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us" - Jaylie is actually a happy character overall, but some songs fit her bouts of sadness like the last one, and this. This to me has a sort of sad hope through the melancholy, which fits.

I haven't posted for him here, but this is another character of mine-- Caolan, blood elf priest. I have a couple of songs that make me think of him.

Fleetwood Mac, "Dreams" - Perhaps more something to/about him, rather than something said from his perspective.

Gorillaz, "New Genious (Brother)" - Just 'cause he's a priest, and Holy at that, doesn't mean he's necessarily a good fellow. Nor bad. He's…himself. And this song fits him.


Edit to add a suggestion from [ profile] lohendrin that I have decided is most definitely Lucy's theme song: Poe, "Control". Thank you for that awesomesauce suggestion!
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From [ profile] blindmachine of Thorium Brotherhood, who was and is one of my absolute favorite Forsaken RPers EVER. Actually, she probably IS my favorite, though I still love several Wyrmrest folks too. :D

Anyhow, the post. It tackles the matter of villainous/adversarial/antagonistic RP and characters, and is pretty nifty.

On Jerks and Ne'er Do Wells
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((Just to break up the posts a touch because dang, as much as I do like writing for Lucy it can be quite a time doing so! And she'll get happier eventually, it's just not quite time yet. So here's something out of character and brighter.

We have a postage stamp of a yard, with a patio. While our grass is quite green, the yard is tiny. There is a little sort of flowerbed we have in the corner; it was there when we moved in-- we're renting, it's a 2br townhouse-- but we expanded it slightly. The first daylily of the season in our little bed has bloomed; my mother-in-law gave us a few daylilies last year, and I'm happy to see at least some of them survived the winter and are flourishing! A couple of them look a touch scraggly, but a couple others are huge and bushy and look to have great potential.

Yay flower! )

We also have a tomato plant, bell pepper plant, and cucumber plant in pots on the patio. They also seem to be doing decently; the tomato plant has little green tomatoes on it, and I can't wait until they're ripe. The cucumber plant has grown a good bit from the little seedling we got, and we need to get something for it to grow onto since it's going horizontal over the edge of the pot. The bellpepper plant is just pretty. This is my first step toward having a veggie garden someday; I have never done any manner of gardening in my life. I feel encouraged by these plants looking nice, though!))
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This is my RP Journal. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

These characters are ones I play/roleplay in World of Warcraft; the characters as characters (that is, personalities, stories, etc) are mine, the setting and whatnot are Blizzard's. Some will be journal entries, others stories. I also am part of the Wyrmrest Accord Twitter Project as @Belfwithaboom (Alinor).

My former RP journal, with the previous version of Alinor (who was rebooted for server change from Thorium Brotherhood to WrA) is/was at [ profile] belfwithaboom .

So welcome, those who come here, and enjoy the writing!
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