Jun. 16th, 2011

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I had my date with Lohendrin-- well, I say 'date' but it was more like 'invited him over for dinner I prepared, in an awkwardly-cleared part of my workshop'. But he came over, looking more handsome than he has a right to (oh, those leather pants he wore...!), and brought me flowers. I am not one given to girlish squee-ing, and I did not squee girlishly, but I had perhaps a similar internal reaction. Something akin to, "He brought me flowers! I LOVE FLOWERS! EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NEVER LOVED THEM BEFORE NOW."

Really, part of me is sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Seriously. He's a good-natured, handsome, fairly intelligent fellow who seems to find me interesting and cute and all that. Surely that means sometime within the next week I'll be approached by some lady with five kids in tow saying he's actually her husband. Or I'll return home and get a hammer to the face from his ex. Something. I am happy, there is something wrong with the world and balance must be restored somehow.

Oh well. That kiss was worth it.

Anyhow, speaking of home, I've relocated back to Silvermoon City. Figured it might be prudent to move some things out of my place in Dalaran before I found myself completely unable to leave (or return), period. Or before I found myself infected with that weird plague going around. Not that the cities are without it, but the quarantine areas seem to mainly be Dalaran-oriented for the sake of being studied. Or some such. I haven't caught it, nor has Lohen. Nor his twin.

I may actually finish moving my things here; I have slightly less space, but I could probably stand to get rid of some things, and do I really need a separate sitting area? The rent is a bit less expensive in SMC, believe it or not. The City of Mages is a bit spendy, even if I'm paying for some minor dimensional overlay. And the fact that Loh and Marbas live in Silvermoon is not at all a factor. Okay, maybe a tiny one. But it's not like I can't automatically travel between the two cities if I wanted to; being a mage has its advantages. Still, I think I may resettle in my home city. People say mean things about it, but when all's said and done, the bad really does seem to be just focused in a few areas; overall it's still a beautiful place, even if it'd be nice to see the ruins reclaimed, or just destroyed altogether to allow the woods to take over. They could probably put the stones and metal to good use. Perhaps pave over some of the Dead Scar. Fortify the remaining part of Silvermoon City. Something like that.

Something to consider, anyway. I myself am just still in a really good mood.


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