Jun. 13th, 2011

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This is my RP Journal. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

These characters are ones I play/roleplay in World of Warcraft; the characters as characters (that is, personalities, stories, etc) are mine, the setting and whatnot are Blizzard's. Some will be journal entries, others stories. I also am part of the Wyrmrest Accord Twitter Project as @Belfwithaboom (Alinor).

My former RP journal, with the previous version of Alinor (who was rebooted for server change from Thorium Brotherhood to WrA) is/was at [livejournal.com profile] belfwithaboom .

So welcome, those who come here, and enjoy the writing!
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((This was something I had written a while back for Alinor's previous incarnation, but it's still true to the new. Just a small personal story showing a bit of her family dynamic.))

Be Yourself. )
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I've decided to start writing in a personal journal in addition to that most peculiar Tome I have; said Book seems to be a sort of enchanted communication device that allows one to write shortish comments and musings for any to see as one wishes. You simply have to have that individual's name on a particular page-- I call this the Contacts Page, because I am a creative genius with names-- and if you wish to no longer see what they write, you scratch out their name. It's a bit of a marvel in its way. Not only for its nature, but also for the fact that it very much seems to be a neutral setting: I see humans and kal'dorei and whatnot as much as I see sin'dorei and orcs and so forth. I assume there is an automatic translation enchantment from Common, as I understand them perfectly and my knowledge of Common is sketchy at best.

Continued musings of the day. Or hour. Or minute. )

So, there's more to say but that will be in probably the next entry. I need to get a bite to eat before I continue writing, I think.

((Little OOC note: I know there is no apostrophe in "kaldorei" proper, but with the differences between Thalassian and Darnassian, I would imagine someone who was raised speaking Thalassian would say "kal'dorei" like they say "sin'dorei", since the basis of the names seem to be the same: "children of ____". This may or may not be right, I know, but it seems logical to me. :) ))
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Yes, 'squidginess' is a word, as is 'squidgy,' from which it is derived. Look it up. It's in the dictionary. You just have to locate that dictionary first.

Anyhow, I'm not really a sentimental sort. I'm not too inclined toward great displays of affection, or gushing over anyone. I've never been as 'huggy' as, say, Lea. I don't swoon over romantic novels or tales of Love Neverending, nor do I believe in love at first sight. (I call that 'lust at first sight', or at least 'attraction at first sight'.) How can an individual truly love someone just by looking at them, without knowing them? What does that mean for those of us who are utterly unremarkable at first sight? It just seems...odd to me. I couldn't imagine putting that much emotional investment into someone with whom I haven't even spent a few hours.

Truthfully, I'd pretty much shrugged and 'resigned' myself (I say 'resigned', but really, I hadn't wanted that sort of regard since I was an adolescent anyhow) to not being someone who'd be romantically inclined. I've always been overshadowed by my sisters; Malinde, on the surface, is an absolutely devastating beauty. Even those who can't stand her will say that. Leania, while not as beautiful, is still lovely and is a sweetheart as well. I know her dimples have set many hearts a-fluttering. Then we have the middle child: Alinor the plain. It's okay, I'm used to it; I'm not ugly-- though on occasion I've been called that in comparison to the others-- just completely unremarkable. I will say it at least gave me a slight bit more freedom to pursue my interests, as Mother wasn't nearly as focused on finding me a husband. I've loved tinkering ever since I was a girl and I took apart my father's favorite clock.

(I DID put it back together, it just somehow ended up running backward; but my father, who has always been rather indulgent toward me, said that just meant he was now getting younger. Let me tell you, that concept baffled me for quite some time as a youngling.)

So, where was I? Oh yes. Talking about how I was fine with not finding romance. Enter Lohendrin, stage right. This is where it gets wordy. )
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So, I was told I should keep a journal. I'm of two minds about this; on one hand, it can help get things out of my head and onto parchment, I suppose, and thus help me organize my thoughts better. Maybe even realize some are silly and some are to be considered further. On the other hand, I'm not overly fond of the idea of my thoughts being out there for any to read should this be lost or stolen. I know there are some who might want to do so. But I supposeā€¦as long as I keep this on me, and am sure to only write in soft-bound books that are a bit more bendable (and thus can be kept in my armor for safekeeping when traveling), I suppose it could work. I suppose I'm paranoid, but I've come to be rather fond of my way of life. The Tauren seer lady, the one who trains the 'priests' of her kind, is who recommended this idea to me, and suggested I start off by just writing about myself. Almost like a biography. She said it would help me 'see myself more clearly' or some such. I suppose if I come to consider this a bad idea I can just burn it.

I am Lady Lucrezia Saliana Vanosa Goldenstar Redbrook. )


Jun. 13th, 2011 04:27 pm
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I am so terribly nervous right now! I'm trying not to mess up dinner preparations-- I decided on something with which I'm familiar, which is marinated dragonhawk filets. Plus a salad with lettuce, sliced almond, cranberries, and a vinaigrette dressing, and some rice that will go well with the dragonhawk marinade, and buttered carrots, and roasted potatoes. For dessert, strawberries and sweet cream.

So far everything is looking to be in order, but I'm fairly convinced something will happen to completely mess it all up, and I will be terribly embarrassed! I also got out my favorite dress to wear. A fellow mage made one for me once in exchange for a pet yeti-bot, and I must say it's one of the few dresses I've found that I absolutely love on me! She called it an 'arcanoweave robe', and it has a lovely turquoise pattern, plus the high neck with sleevelessness suits my haircut. I will be goggle-free, too-- I don't think he's actually seen me without goggles. I think I look better in them, but they might look slightly odd. Perhaps I should get some spectacles or something sometime. I feel weird without something over my eyes. I still don't know if the freckles are a good trait or a bad trait.

Look at me. Fretting like an adolescent! I must stop this and be a reasonable adult! Even if there are butterflies in my stomach! I do hope I can eat without getting sick.


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