Jun. 20th, 2011

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((OOC note: This is technically posted the morning after the event, and is timestamped accordingly. But I already had it written, so I decided to post.))

Lohendrin invited me over for dinner last night; he seemed to feel he owed me a dinner, when he really didn't, but I wasn't going to argue. Good food not prepared by me? Yes please! He also said he'd wear The Pants. (To be fair, he said they're comfortable pants-- I didn't want him to wear them only for my benefit, but as long as he likes them, yes please to those too.) He had a very nice dinner whipped up, too. Not to mention before that he let me take a look around their workroom.

I didn't disturb Marbas' things; not only for common sense reasons-- one doesn't disturb a warlock's work area without knowing if there are certain 'precautions' taken to protect said work-- but just for courtesy. I like Marbas, I don't want to disturb his things without his permission. But I got to look a bit at where Lohen does his gemcutting and even his alchemy; potions and elixirs and flasks, oh my! A bit fascinating, that. But supper was waiting, so the inspection had to be cut short.

But wait, there's more! )

In the end, it was a very good night despite the interruption, and Loh has a surprisingly comfortable lap. He needs more furniture, though. At least a couch.


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