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The sight of Lohendrin beside her was something to which Alinor was becoming quite happily accustomed, upon waking. Those times she woke before him she would lay there quiet and unmoving-- or moving only slightly so that she could look at him-- and just watched him sleep. He did not believe so, but she found him beautiful; part of that was because she knew him now, but she simply loved to look at him. She still marveled at all of this, all that they had together in a relatively short period of time. It had been only a bit over a month now. Though Alinor knew some others would be much further along in their own relationships-- some married even-- to her this was still very early.

He looked peaceful when sleeping. The way he sometimes slightly coccooned himself in the blanket when asleep, or the way sometimes his hand rested right by his face. That steady, shallow rise and fall of his chest. Her hand twitched with the urge to reach out and touch his face or his hair but she held back. She didn't want to disturb him. Instead, she slowly slid out of bed, keeping an eye on Lohen to make sure he didn't wake. On bare feet she padded silently out of the room, careful of her surroundings as not to inadvertantly bump into anything or trip over her own feet and cause a commotion that would wake him.

Once out of the bedroom she yawned and stretched, the hem of her pale yellow nightgown drawing up just past the knees with the motion. One hand absently scratched her rear end as she looked around, trying to decide what to do. The notion of breakfast dimly entered her mind. Breakfast would be nice; Alinor tried to do such things regularly for both men who lived here, as part of her still felt slightly guilty for imposing on them like this. Despite their protestation otherwise, and the circumstances which had brought her here for such a stay, she still felt like she was intruding a bit. It was their home, after all--

Something at the door caught her eye: a piece of folded paper slid beneath it. A note perhaps? Some manner of notice from the landlord? (Perhaps about the baby corehound?) The mage frowned slightly, walking over then stooping to pick the note up, unfolding it as she straightened. It was written in an unfamiliar hand, but the words were a bucket of ice cold water thrown in her face.

You never told me you had a brother. Now I know. Might want to get your locks changed again.

The note was unsigned but she knew-- as would the others-- who had written it. Her heart sunk to her stomach and she looked back at the door to Lohendrin's bedroom, then the one to Marbas'. Now she had to decide whether she wanted to wake Lohen with this 'news' or at least let him enjoy breakfast before ruining his day completely. The note was unconsciously crumped in her hand, held to her chest, as she began to fret for him.


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