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My peacebloom plant is growing rapidly. Like a weed. Heh. The peculiar gardener did say it was a weed, after all. It seems to be thriving. I like looking at it. I hope the gardener is healing well of his broken fingers; I hope he received my letter on the tome page.

Lately I've been in Hyjal and the Firelands a lot; the fire-things have apparently redoubled their campaign to see the world burn, including the appearance of 'druids of the flame' or whatever they call themselves. Tried to destroy Thrall. It did not go as they probably would have wished. Pity. Really.

If nothing else, the Firelands reminds one of where they need more armor padding, at least if one's armor is metal. Ordinarily I value my plate armor, but I think I will need more sets of padding for underneath, as this will need to soak for a good while to get the smell out. I am almost fanatically clean, but after just a few tasks for the Cenarions I smelled like something that had been set on fire in Murder Row. It is not a smell of which I am fond. Sustained some burns, both from elementals and from heated armor where there was a gap or weakness in my padding. Fortunately, I acquired this swiftthistle salve from a Gilnean woman at the inn by Nordrassil. It was acknowledged that while this was a good temporary arrangement of goods and sales, it was not necessarily something that would last over time. Faction matters, after all. It is a reality of life even when faced with greater threats, it would seem. For now, though, I will continue to help the battle there. They pay decently, and I have some stirring of conscience.

For now, though, I think I will rest. My tent has been set up, bedroll laid out. It is within a Horde settlement where they permit travelers to camp; I will be safe there. At least, safe as Lucrezia; safety as simply another Horde fighter is a bit more relative, but none who seek me for myself should get to me.

My mote-jar to one side, peacebloom pot to the other. I have a potion that is said to drive away dreams. I hope to sleep deeply.


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