Jun. 14th, 2011

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I lost my jurnal so Im writing in a new one. Ive been practising my Common and I think Im much better thogh its been a while since I last wrote in Common. I know Ive forgoten some spelling but remember others. I will practise.

I have been exploring new places thogh! I got to see Mount Hyjal and it was amazing. Father didnt go but I understand I bet it hurts to remember who he used to be. But he was with me in (I know this is spelled wrong) Vashir. The sea place. It was realy intresting seeing the naga battle-maiden's story. I know there our enemies but I wish I could meet the battle-maiden.

The temple in Darnassus told me Mother has been leaving more often and taking longer trips. She hasnt been out of Darnassus since it was built after Teldrassil grew. I know that isnt long to our people but it is still diffrent to leave even to go to other alliance cities nowdays. I am worried about her even thogh Father said she is too contrary to die. I think he wanted to say some thing else that wasnt nice but didnt for my sake. Im not sure what he means by shes too contrary but its a comfort. I will try to keep an eye on her.

I am still lonly even thogh I travel sometimes with Father. I dont feel like I have any freinds any more. But I try to smile at people because maybe some one will be a freind and I dont know it yet.


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