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[A letter folded inside an envelope, addressed to one "V. Longshadow" in Thunder Bluff. Upon opening said envelope the reader will find a few pressed and dried peacebloom petals included alongside the envelope.]

Mr. Dubs,

I hope this letter finds you in a timely manner; you mentioned "the Bluff", which I assumed meant Thunder Bluff. Thank you for the postcard. Point taken in regard to the gold; I will not send more of my own volition. However, I do extend the offer of some assistance should you be in truly dire straits financially. I will not support you, of course, nor do I believe you would ask such of me; but I am willing to help a little if needed, here and there.

The hibiscus has not worsened, but it has not improved overmuch. I retrieved mud from Zangarmarsh-- I had gone there before you mentioned it, as when I think of mud from Draenor that is the region which first comes to mind-- and it seems to be clinging tenaciously to life. The fungus giants do not attack me unless I am very close; there is some sentience there, I do believe, and perhaps it tells them that the armored elven lady with two large swords may end them if they try anything. Or perhaps I am full of fancies. I seem to be lately.

My brother, while no devoted gardener, has some knowledge of plants; this came as a surprise to me when I learned of it, but he says he prefers to find interesting ones in the wild rather than cultivate them himself. Still, he has provided some bits of advice, though I think I will still ask you any questions I may have. I have begun to set up a garden of sorts at my home. Simply flowers, for now, and though I know it is a weed, I have one bed devoted to peacebloom. I find that I like that particular sort of plant. The activity is relaxing, even if the Quel'thalas sun is not quite as invigorating as that of Durotar. Nor as warm, obviously.

I have been fortunate to escape major injury thus far in the Firelands; plate armor is certainly not comfortable in that climate, but it is bearable and I do not feel comfortable fighting in anything less. It is, perhaps, one of the areas in which being a touch sturdier of build than other women of my race has been an asset rather than a detriment.

The death knight in the tome has sent you a new tome, incidentally. I told him you may burn that one also, but he sent one anyway. Please be careful; I realize, from you both, that your words...perhaps got you into trouble. Whether deserved or no, I would consider you coming to harm-- and especially being killed-- to be breaking the deal as well. I have enjoyed our correspondence to date and would be unhappy to see it end. As those tend to be the words of either a friend or one to whom money is owed, and you are not the latter, I am amenable to being considered the former.

Be safe,


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