A letter.

Jul. 12th, 2011 09:27 am
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((Because I am bored this morning, the correspondence turn-around is Supah Fast! >.>))

Lucrezia looked at the small package she held; very inconspicuous, plain brown paper around oilcloth, tied with sturdy string and addressed to one Vorrick Longshadow in Orgrimmar. The identity of "Dubs the Peculiar Gardener," as she had considered him up until that point. Interesting. She wondered if Ches would try to look up information on the odd man, or if he would even find anything if he did.

Within the package was a small box; simple, unfinished wood, nothing special. Its contents were well-cushioned to neither shift nor make noise, as its sender did not particularly care for it to be lost or stolen. Upon opening said box the recipient would find a small linen pouch containing 20 gold coins, and a ring.

Her business in the village was brief; she put the package, with appropriate postage, in the mail. She did not wish to remain there any longer than absolutely necessary; send a package, pick up a few essentials, then leave. She was already nervous enough having given a proper name to someone unknown, but a peculiar sense of fairness dictated such. Besides, should it fall into undesirable hands, it might still be turned to her advantage. She would see.

Mr. Longshadow,

I am glad to hear you are well still alive. It is better than the alternative. Well. The alternative that involves no movement, anyhow. Regardless, I am pleased to hear from you. I found the crate you mentioned; the hibiscus is still alive, but I think barely. I will journey to Draenor to get some mud for it, though I am not certain it will remain alive in my care. I will try. The crate itself will serve as fuel for my oven and has been chopped into smaller pieces for that purpose.

My work as a mercenary is steady enough. These days it seems to revolve around Hyjal. The Cenarions pay decently, though I do believe I earn all of that gold simply because of the combination of plate armor and the Firelands. There certainly are more preferable ways to test my armor padding for wear and gaps. Oh well.

I have included some repayment for your generosity and advice. There should be 20 gold enclosed as well as a ring crafted by someone I know; I was not entirely certain as to what manner of enchantment you would wish, so I elected to provide one that should make you move more quickly and hit harder in combat, and allows you to take a few more hits as well without falling. Or before you fall, either way. If you have no use for it perhaps someone else might, or you could sell it. It is now yours, after all, so if you wished to tie it to a line as a fishing lure you could, I suppose. In either case, though the ring has some value, it cost me nothing and would have likely been auctioned otherwise. I hope it proves useful in some way.

I have an actual home now but I do not receive letters there. Instead, send any correspondence to Fairbreeze Village in Quel'thalas; address it to Chesric Goldenstar. He is my brother and can be trusted to see that I receive what is mine. He is also trusted to not read what is mine unless I give permission, but going by our correspondence thus far I do not believe you would write anything untoward. To indicate it is for me perhaps simply put that it is from "Dubs".

Be safe.

Lucrezia Goldenstar


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