Jun. 15th, 2011

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I found one of them yesterday, completely by accident. I had not intended on starting the hunt this soon, even if it's been a little while, but it was an opportunity I could not let slip past. Alamir Duskfire was his name. I remember him clearly from before. A Blood Knight, and one who still called himself such proudly. I don't know if most do, or if the term has fallen out of fashion with the restoration of the Sunwell, but I know some do. He did. As far as I know Jovan does. At least my brother doesn't seem to any longer, at least around me.

Alamir was alone in Stranglethorn, near Booty Bay. )

On him I found a strange book. A well-tooled leather cover of red and gold, embossed and decorated, but without a title or author. I had assumed it was a paladin's libram, but it wasn't; instead of esoteric incantations and prayers-- hah, prayers!-- I found...many blank pages. And a list of names. At first glance it seemed to be a list of targets, but many of these looked to be nicknames and pseudonyms rather than proper names, and not all were sin'dorei or even of Horde races.

Soon enough I began to see words appear, by magic. Comments, for lack of a better term, by some of those on the list. It was as though people were having conversations. I wasn't sure how the enchantment worked until I accidentally brushed over it with a couple of fingertips and found my latest thought coming forth in text. Alarm turned to curiosity, when I realized that thought had not yet made it over the 'network' of this tome. I figured it out soon enough, though. Apparently others' function slightly differently, requiring actual pen and ink; I should get some for myself, should the touch-enchantment wear out.

Besides, I'd rather have more direct control over what goes into it without having to singularly focus so much. Maybe one of my associates can tweak it slightly. We'll see. Since it was Alamir's, I wonder if others have similar, and I wonder if it can be used to find them. We'll have to see, indeed.

In the meantime, I am content for the time being. It has been a good week.


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